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Columbia Gymnastics offers three different Gymnastics Team programs:

Please contact Kristin Anderson (Team Director / Owner) for more information at 410.964.2053, via email at Kristin@ColumbiaGymnastics.com or complete an Information Request by clicking the button below

USAG Competitive Team Program

The Columbia Gymnastics USAG team program is a challenging, well-rounded and enjoyable training program for gymnasts 5yrs. and up. The program concentrates on developing overall competitive gymnastics skills, while considerable attention is devoted to developing life skills that will carry beyond the competitive arena. Emphasis is placed on individual accomplishments and a positive attitude.

We view competition as an essential part of the total gymnastics experience. It teaches that reward comes from demonstrating improvement, being recognized for individual and team accomplishments and from trying your best. Good sportsmanship is a focal point. Reaching a competitive gymnastics level requires a great deal of hard work, dedication and effort; however we also recognize that having fun is also an essential element.

USAG Men's and Women's Team 2011-2012


Mason Dixon League
This league is an alternative optional league for gymnasts who are not seeking the same intensity level of the USAG program. The league sets alternative standards for competition compared to those found in USAG. Gymnasts involved in this program will only attend Mason-Dixon competitions.

2011-12 Mason Dixon Teams


USAG Team Gym

This new and exciting form of Team Gymnastics combines many different skill levels. Gymnasts eight years and older may be selected for this program. This of Team works with many pieces of gymnastics equipment. Each planned performance builds on each individual's ability to for a unique, unified group performance. There are two practice days for TeamGym. See our coaches for more details.

2011-2012 Columbia Gymnastics Team Gym